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Monday, July 6, 2009

"Dogtale Beatz" presents

Dogtale-9 is an amatuer beat-producer/lyricist under DTE label. His first ever produced artist is Mc Cali One, whose been his partner in the group "Rebels of Rhyme" back in the days. Since Dogtale was been busy doin' day jobs and family errands, he wasn't seen on the scene that often. Beat-producin' was introduced to him by Brownchild when he's still new on the label and since then just using his laptop, he focus on doin' sounds that was created by inspirations and vibes.
- simple but still radical!

Check out two of his best produced beats with ill rhymes of Mc Cali One:
"Hindi ikaw, hindi kayo" by Mc Cali One (free download)
"Batang Norte" by Mc Cali One (free download)

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